Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Sweet Announcement!

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Good day to all sweeties!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Sweet Announcement!

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Hi sweeties,

I am so happy and proud to announce my new baby......Official Suri Manis Facebook Page! 
Click to the image below to go to the page and 'LIKE', kay!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Sweet Baby-Themed Cupcakes

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Hi sweeties.....

Owhh...aren't they darlings?  I was so beat up when I came up with these cupcakes...my friend Haneem was going to pick up the cupcakes at 10 in the morning and the night before, I just could not get myself together anymore.  I told my husband that I was going to sleep.  I guess he was a bit worried that I might not finish them on time but I set my mind clock that I'm going to wake up at 4 to finish them. When you're so tired, you just can't think straight anymore and I guess that's what happened to me.  So, I slept it off and I did wake up at 4 a.m.!

I found some cute cupcakes when I googled for ideas last time and I just had to do the babies expressions.  These cupcakes were for Faiz who just turned 1.  He loves gadgets and his favourite is his mummy's calculator.  A baby who loves calculators...hhmmm...son, I think when you grow up, you will be a millionaire! Ameen....mudah-mudahan ye Faiz...owh I forgot, your mummy wants you to be a military doctor.  See? We all moms are like that...haha.  

Here are the pictures that my husband took.  You can tell right? 
He loves the cute cakes that's why he took many many many pictures...love you honey.
My rubber ducky in bubbles.

Okay, that's it for this time..I'll see you soon ya...bye.


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Sweet Plants vs Zombies Cake

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Hi everyone,

         Do you know this game?  I love playing this game..its very addictive and fun.  My son, Hilmi loves this game.  That was why he asked me to do this cake for his birthday recently.

 Don't you just love those cute plants?  I love them and had had lots of fun doing them too.  I only did two zombies for Hilmi because making them was very time consuming.  He wanted a 'bucket head zombie' and a 'cone head zombie'.  And my husband asked me to do a 'gargantua zombie'...! Of all the zombies...sorry honey, maybe next time okay. Atleast, I did what you wish me to do; 'the roof level'...!!

I love the sunflowers, they're so cute.  I bet you're wondering how I managed to make them so neat and the same size, right?  Here's the secret, I used a play dough mould...LOL.  You can get it from the playstores. They're so cute.  The pea shooters and the snowpea shooters are actually very easy to do.

The skewer was a support for the zombies because they got big heads and they kept toppling over so I stick a skewer until they were dry enough to put on the cake.

Don't you just love them? I do and I can go on and on about their cuteness...haha. It was a big cake, about 27 inches long and 10 inches wide.Everything was chocolate because my son loves chocolate.  

There's my little boy! I love you baby...and I pray that you will grow into a charming and successful man...a dentist maybe...or a doctor? Ok..ok  I know..I know...what parents that doesn't want their children to be successful right? Wish you all the best honey...Ibu loves you..XOXO..


Monday, 15 October 2012

Sweet Suri Manis First Blog Anniversary

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Good morning to all my enchanting and sweeties around the world!!!


My sweet little blog is 1 year old today (15 October 2012). Yay!!! I'm so excited . It seems like yesterday since I started blogging and now I am celebrating my 1st anniversary. I honestly never expected to love it so much and I never expected that I have my own sweet blog!!  

1 year seems so little compared to many established blogs out there, but to me 1 year is a lot. In fact, I know very little about blogging and I suppose anyone who visits my blog can figure that out, but it hasn't stopped me from writing this blog.  And I still have a lot I want to write about, so keep checking in! Now. blogging has been a fantastic experience for me.                                                                                           

For this I honestly, give the credits  to my dear husband who suggested to me to share all my baking experiences in a blog. He did assist me a lot from the start a year ago to run the blog. Thanks honey! We started the blog without any clear intentions but it’s evolved in to something I’m so proud of. Well, I don’t  know what others say about my sweet blog here, but I really love it so much.

I wrote my first post in this blog exactly on this date last year. 
Check it out : >> 1 << >> 2 <<

I'm very grateful for the support from readers in Malaysia, South East Asia and around the world in this one year. Thanks to all who have signed up over there on the side as one of my followers or friends, as I like to think of you all. During this one year period I've had so many great opportunities because of my blog that I would not have had otherwise. I've met many sweet people and I got to share it all with you, my amazing sweet readers and many of you have become some of my dearest friends. I truly appreciate each and every one of you!!

I can't thank you all enough for sticking with me throughout this year. Your participation and loyalty is what motivates me to keep going on and being a constant source of encouragement, support and inspiration! I look forward to whats ahead and hoping for many more years! Your sweet lovely comments never fail to put a cheeky smile on my face, and that on its own is pretty amazing!

So, to express my gratitude to your warm support and to celebrate the first anniversary of my sweet little blog, I decided to run a giveaway contest next week! What do you think? What say you? This is what puzzled me because I don’t have any experience or knowledge to do so. Any comment or can anybody help me to run the giveaway contest? Please, do help me! I always wanted to give back something to appreciate all my readers.

Keep your eyes peeled because I'll be announcing the first GIVEAWAY contest next week!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY my sweet little blog!
Have a wonderful day, my sweet friends!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Sweet Cooking Theme Cupcakes...

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Hello all of you sweet people out there.  I am so happy to show you my latest cupcakes.  Like what you see? Love doing it too.  I started a week early with all those cute cooking items.  The week before, I went shopping and I ran across a shop selling miniature porcelain figures and I saw a small kettle and rice cooker. When I got home, I can't start fast enough.  I went straight to doing the kettle and it came out so cute.  Then, I slowly did the others in front of the TV watching Julia Roberts in My Best Friend's Wedding.  I love Julia Roberts, don't you?

Owh..see? Too excited to tell you about it, I forgot to mention that these cupcakes were for my FB friend Hidayah.  It was for her mother's birthday.  As usual, most of my customers left everything to my imagination so, I came up with these and thank God, she loves them.

My dear sugar pie honey bun..a.k.a my husband, loves the cupcakes too.  That is why he took sooo.. many pictures of the cupcakes and I think his favourite is the pan and the sunny side up egg.  He loves eggs.  The mortar and pestle was his idea.  He is always pushing me to do better each time and because of him, I am getting better.  Thanks darling.  I'm glad you're always with me because I know that I did not become who I am today on my own.  I love you.  Now I'm sappy....


Here's a tip on how to give shine to your figurines...I used piping jelly that I diluted with a bit of water.  That is why the egg looks shiny like it is really cooked in oil.  You know, if you really have the patience and interest, you can also do it.  It is really quite easy.  Well I hope you enjoy reading and looking at all the pictures and for other bakers out there, I hope my figurines and designs inspire you to do a better one.  Till we meet again, bye.


Friday, 5 October 2012

Sweet Barbie Doll Cake...

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Happy days everyone...

Look at Barbie, she's waving to you.  My first Barbie cake and I just love it.  When I was a little girl, I never had the chance to play with a Barbie maybe because I have 4 other younger sisters and we only have so little at that time.  Poor Papa and Mom, they worked really hard to provide for us all.  Thankfully now, she is enjoying her retired life by doing nothing...hahahaha.  She is having a blast I tell you and she's planning a holiday to Bandung (Indonesia) soon.  You go Mom girl, have fun!

This cake is for 4 year old Fatini who seldom smile.  Whenever I see her, I tried my very best to get a smile from but to no avail.  But that day when she came with her Mom to pick up her cake, she smiles and it was a very sunny smile!  Oh, how that makes me happy.  She loves Barbie and she loves her cake.  She did not sleep well that night, can't stop thinking about Barbie in the kitchen.  She celebrated her birthday with her friends at her sitter's house but she did not want to cut the cake! That has always been a problem with cute cakes...people just don't want to cut it! Hahaha...I'm so happy I made her smile! You make my day, Fatini..Happy birthday dear! See you guys soon.


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Sweet Chocolate Moist Cake with Strawberry Toppings

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Yum..yum..yummy.  Chocolate moist cake with fresh strawberries on top and strawberry filling. How does it sound? Delicious right? Just look at it..it is shiny and sexy..I just can't get enough of it.  Try it at home. I'm sure all of you have your own special chocolate cake recipe.  Mine is the one I posted in My Recipe page.  Try it..its just yummy.  See you around..