Monday, 16 April 2012

Sweet Pororo the Little Penguin Cake

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     I'm back as I promised.  Cute guy right?  This is a cut out of Pororo, the most favourite cartoon character of Hazeq (Isma's eldest son) who turned 4 on last 15 April.  I love doing theme cakes because I get to do anything I like.  My clients usually left everything to my imagination so I took great delight in decorating their cakes.  Isma is also my most loyal client so, I wanted to do everything right. 

Here is the finished cake.  Isma wanted Chocolate Cake because Hazeq and the rest of the gang just adore chocolate cake.  Something funny happened when she served the cake, Hazeq cried and asked his mom not to cut the cake especially the house on top.  He said that if his mom cut the house then Pororo won't have a place to stay anymore.... : (  Cutee....well in the end mom made a place in the fridge and kept Pororo and Hazeq happy.. : )  I love the rainbow and it gave me ideas for another cake...

Here are some pictures while I was assembling the cake.  My husband made the bird...I'm so proud and happy.  Thanks honey...luv you.

Okay,  this is another of my favourite, I hope its yours too.  
Thanks for reading, see you soon.


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