Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Sweet Myvi Cake...

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What do you think about my car? I think I did okay...I was really thrilled when Ina..who is getting married today ordered a Myvi cake as `hantaran'.  My head was spinning and spinning as to how I would go about doing it.  So, I googled and found a few good tutorials on how to do a car cake and I just can't wait to do it.  It was very very challenging...yes it was.  There were so many details to do and my husband helped a lot.  Thanks hunny..

This is the real PERODUA Myvi SE 1.3 car. 'PERODUA' is Malaysia's second largest automobile manufacturer after PROTON. Click the picture to review the car specifications.

Down here is the steps that I took to complete the Myvi...looking at the picture it looks easy right?  Try it and it will blow your mind.  The hardest part for me is when I carved the cake.  The weather was so very hot and the cake layers kept sliding down.  I put in like 10 dowels to keep it from sliding down on the table...phew.  Anyway, I did it and am hoping that I can do another one very soon.

I completed the cake and delivered it safely and when I came back I saw a cute car on my ironing board.  Aiman wanted to help but I told him that he can help next time.  I guess he took some of my gumpaste and made his own version of a car. Cute eh?

This is Aiman's (my eldest son) version of his Myvi car cake. So cute....

I hope you enjoy my post and my Myvi.  I will be back very soon with many many more cakes. 
See you soon...bye.



Shikin aziz said...

Kalau mcm nie harge berapa ?

Sue said... ada? I email you. Thanks.

Nurmaya Fadzilah said...

Please call me to, for this myvi birthday cake..0176122911

Shalini said...

Hi kak .. Can u email me ..i would like to know the price ..

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