Saturday, 17 December 2011

Sweet Wedding Cake

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Hello friends,
I'm back.  I'm very sorry it took me a while to post this one.  It had been raining and raining non stop for three days and some of the places here were flooded.  As much as I like it when it rained, my heart goes to the families that were effected by the flood and I hope they are well.  It stopped raining for two days after that but last night it started again.  I was also down with the weather with a very bad case of backache.  I couldn't get up so, I took it as a warning that I'm going too fast and my body needs rest.  I lied in bed for a couple of days and now I'm all better.  Thank you to my husband who took care of everything while I was sick.  You're the best honey!
     Okay now, this is a wedding cake as a present (hantaran) for my colleague, Rizuan to his wife Pink. No, its not her real name but everyone calls her Pink and I think it suits her because she is so girly and pretty.  Congratulation to both of you and may you guys have a very happy life together.

Frankly speaking, I don't like green on a cake but since thats their wedding colour, I tried my best.  When the cake was finish, I still have my doubts but it was a good thing that I took the time to do the butterflies a day before because I think the butterflies made the cake better, don't you think so?  I was not planning to do daisies for this cake.  I made some fantasy flowers but when I put it on the cake, it looks awful and my husband thought so too.  So, I made the three daisies as fast as I could because Rizuan was coming in an hour to pick up his cake.  I hope he liked it.

Oh, I forgot about the cake.  The cake was two layers of moist vanilla cake (Marc's Recipe) with chocolate buttercream.  My boys were asking about the cake so I made some for them too and I'll post the picture after this.  I hope you like the photos and I wish all of you well and please keep safe because now is the rainy season and we don't know what might happen.  See you soon.


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