Friday, 18 May 2012

Sweet Handbag & High Heel Cake

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Good evening everyone,

         I'm spending some free time with my family this evening.  Lately I've been super busy baking and fulfilling my customer's orders and at times I think I'll be sleeping next to my oven.  The poor thing is switched on from early morning to late at night.  I'm enjoying my free time with my family this evening and being lazy..still if I were given another thing to do, I'd choose baking and decorating every time.
           This is my latest cake.  The cake is red velvet with blueberry cream cheese filling.  Red velvet is all the rage right now. The theme is my latest favourite, handbag and heel.  Don't you just love shoes..?  Look at my red it?

This cake is for my most loyal customer and also a dear friend of mine, Ana.  She loves cakes and she is giving this one for her very best friend Nazarina.  She didn't give any details on what type of shoes or handbag for me to make, she just said handbag and shoes.  I always google first whenever I have new project to do and I've seen many great shoes cake by many cake artist.  I was so inspired and despite the lack of tools needed to produce a cake as beautiful as I've seen, I gave all my best to come up with this one.  

        Ana and her best friend loved the cake.  I am very happy that I made them happy.  My sister saw the picture of this cake on my facebook and she demanded that I make her a high heel cake too.  She even gave me her colour...but you know, I love her and I do anything to make her happy.  So, wait for the next shoe cake okay.  I had a great time doing this cake.  

I'm going away for a few weeks and I'll be back with more cakes.  Hope you like this one as much as I do, bye..enjoy the pictures.


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