Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sweet Angry Birds

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           Know what these are?  Beautiful colours eh..?  Adore them.  They're attacking the stationaries all over the school and all around Malaysia too.  When I'm in school, I'll be seeing them everywhere...on pencils, erasers, bags and even water bottles.  Its a good thing they're cute.  So these figurines are for my friend's son and daughters birthday.   I actually did on the same day that I did the aeroplane cake.  I had fun doing this one because they're so funny and cute.

I took my own sweet time doing them all because they're so much fun to do.  My hubby loves seeing me doing them that he snapped some pictures to show.  Down here I'm doing the yellow and black angry bird.  And down below that when all of them were finished.

Do you like it?  They're cute right? They look easy but there are quite many details that need to be done.  The cake are three layers of orange and strawberry butter cakes with vanilla filling.  I love the orange butter cake and the strawberry was okay ( I'm not too crazy about strawberries).  Well, here's the finished cake.

I made the stone hedges using chocolate coated wafers but I kept eating them that was why the stone hedge was small (I thought of doing two layers of it actually)....shame on me, right?  Haha...I hope you like my angry birds...see you soon.


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