Monday, 23 January 2012

Sweet Chinese New Year's Dragon

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Hello again,

     Happy Chinese New Year to all my chinese friends and especially to Calvin who ordered a chocolate cake to celebrate New Year with his family.  He ordered a Blueberry Cheesecake before and loved it so he wanted to taste my chocolate cake.  He loved it too (he texted and told me so).  I wanted to give him something special to celebrate and this year being the year of the dragon, I decided to make a 2D dragon to put around the cake.  But again, I underestimated the difficulties of doing a 2D design.  I thought it was easy just to cut the dragon from a paper stencil, but the gumpaste got stuck on the stencil and I couldn't get it to come off.  Yeah...I know, I should've spread some sugared powder or cornstarch on the gumpaste.  So, I was disappointed and I got at least two hours before Calvin 's pick up.  I made up my mind to make a 3D figure instead ...with haste..haha.  Here's some pictures of me doing the dragon.  Its just a small and cute dragon.  I loved it.

I don't own an airbrush but I used airbrush colours for the red skin of the dragon.  I loved the red and then coloured all the spikes and mane with gold.  Red and gold are auspicious colours for chinese.  I actually finished the dragon in under two hours and I'm quite proud of myself.  Here is a picture of the finished cake.

The only thing I don't like about the dragon is its teeth,  I need to work on that next time.  Hope you like my dragon.  See you in a few days.


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