Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sweet Petronas Twin Towers Cake

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Hello and good morning.

     It's 12.30 midnight and I am still waiting for another batch of my polka dots steam cakes to bake.  I know I haven't posted anything for quite some time, I was down with flu and a very bad cough for almost two weeks and still recovering then the rest of the family caught the flu bug too.  My boys are okay now and my husband is also recovering.  I did some baking though and I'll post them later.  I wanted to show you what I delivered today to a very beautiful wedding here in Kluang.  As you can see below is the replica of the Petronas Twin Towers that I made using gum paste and imagine it on a wedding cake.  Well, that's what my client wants.  She ordered the cake for her son's wedding.  I asked her why The Tower?  She told me her son met his wife at The Tower where they both work.

She actually asked another baker to do it but unfortunately the baker turned her down.  So her sister, Eliah who is a teacher (of course) called me by my friend's recommendation and asked me to do it.  As you all might guess, I love the challenge and I accepted.  It was not easy and I made the tower a few times and finally last week, I was satisfied.  What do you think?  Did I pass? 

Do you like the peonies?  I learnt how to make them from CakeJournal.  The instructions were very easy and clear.  Anyone can do it.  I don't have the peony cutter (so hard to find them here) so, I printed the petals template from Martha Stewart's Paper Peonies tutorial.  I think the peonies looked okay. Below is my first sketching of the cake. 

The cake is Red Velvet with blueberry Cheese filling and the cake was the biggest that I have ever made.  I think it weighted almost 10 kilos.  My husband carried it for me and I put the Towers at the wedding venue. Everyone was waiting for the cake and it made me super nervous that I accidently pushed apart the top of the tower.  But I came prepared and I was able to put it back in place.  

And here is the bride and groom, Faiz and Noreen.  I hope they liked the cake because I didn't wait for the cutting ceremony.  Well, I'm off to see to my polka dots steam cake.  I hope you enjoy this post and looking forward to your comments.  Bye..



sudipVSsenduk said...

warna silver kek tu buat akak takut nak makan.. huhuhu

(perasan, macam la ada org nak bagi)

Sue said...

Jangan takut kak..everything is edible tapi...nak ke gigit Twin Towers tu? huhu...

mayangsayang said...

cantiknyer sue.. penah g kelas baking ke?.. suma kek sue cantik2..

Sue said...

Hi Mayang,

Su gi kelas basic cakes je dulu 20 tahun dulu, lately ni suka sgt tgk kek yg org buat pas tu cari sendiri resepinye dan try sendiri..percaya atau tak Su mmg belajar dari internet...terima kasih for yr komen dan selalu2 la jgk blog su ye..

Anonymous said...

Your cake looks amazing. Boleh Tanya inside tower tu you pakai spa to keep it sturdy? Rice Krispies treat?

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