Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Sweet Indulgence Chocolate Cake

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Hi you all,

Chocolate..chocolate..and more chocolate.  I got some free time in my hand that I took some time doing this chocolate cake for Ana, my friend and my most loyal customer.  She's pregnant with her third child and is craving for my chocolate cake.  So, I did this one specially for her.

You know what she said when she asked me to make a chocolate cake?  She said that she wanted a sexy and irresistible chocolate cake.  So, when she got her cake, I texted her and asked fs the cake was sexy and irresistible enough?  She said..`Can't text you right now...I'm having my special moment with the cake." Haha..hope her baby had a nice time too in there.  Hope you enjoy my short entry for today.  I have a batch of Pavlova in the oven and I'll tell you everything about it next time.  See you soon.


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cekmekzue said...

so sweet....she's having a special moment with the cake.....

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