Sunday, 1 January 2012

Sweet Little Curly Girl Cake

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Happy New Year everyone!

    What a wonderful day.  Today is the first day of 2012. I hope this year brings many wonderful surprises and also abundance of prosperity to my family and also to all of you.  I hope to bake more and to improve my skills and to learn new knowledge about teaching and baking. To be a better wife and a better mom to my boys.
   That is my `azam' for this new year.  How about you? I hope you will achieve your dreams too.  Okay, this cute gum paste girl is for my friend's baby girl, Batrisya who turned 2 last week.  The cake was a vanilla ice cream cake layered with strawberry flavoured sponge.  This is actually my first ice cream cake after over more than ten years.  It was quite challenging because of our weather, the ice cream melted quite fast.  I did switched on the air cond but I guess the weather was very hot that day.

I am getting better at making people figurines because this cute little girl took me under 2 hours to make.  I made the hair using a garlic press and it work well if you want to make short hair but I guess I still need to buy a sugar shaper.  If anyone knows where I can buy one, pleaseee...tell me where okay.  I need it because next month I'll be doing a Rapunzel cake...can you imagine how long I need the hair to be! Never mind, that will come later.  

    I was happy because I finished the ice cream cake and I was satisfied with the finished product.  It looks a bit like Thumbelina, kan?  My friend, Tinie, loves it and her cute baby, Tisya loves it too.  That girl is as cute as a button and friendly too.  I hope I have a girl too this year.  My husband and I are trying to have another baby and so far, we have not succeed.  I hope this year is our lucky year.  Pray for us friends, we need your prayers.  Well, I hope you like this post and anyone who can tell me where I can buy a sugar shaper, please tell me okay. 

Happy New Year again to all...see you soon.



Nazayiena said...

Sue,happy new year.....
sugar shaper?.....sorry Kak Nurul no idea.

Sue said...

Happy New Year utk Kak Nurul juge..bila pindah umah?

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