Saturday, 4 August 2012

Sweet Fishing Cake

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Goodday, best friend's husband celebrated his birthday by mourning.  His birthday was on the same day that Zu's father pass away.  She felt bad that she couldn't celebrate his birthday so she decided to order a cake from me.  It was a week after that when he went on a fishing trip with his friends that bake this cake.  

Isa loves to fish.  I think he is a good fisherman too...  The cake is a red velvet with cream cheese filling.  He was very surprised and touch by his wife's gestures...he actually doesn't mind that this year he didn't celebrate his birthday with her because he wanted to give her some space to mourn..but I know my friend, she'll try her best to make him happy.

Enjoy the picture...and I have some more posts to come.  Bye.


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