Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sweet Apple Crumble Cake

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I am so bad...I like to tease my brother. He's in Kuala Lumpur and I just love to send him pictures of what I bake.  He's so angry right now because he is on a strict diet.. sorry! I didn't know bro...never mind if you are good this week may be I'll bake you this cake when I see you...remember always use 80 / means that if you follow your diet like a good boy you will get a treat..the 20% can do this.

For those out there who are also on diet, don't lose heart can do whatever you put your mind to do...I myself was overweight and I shed off 11 kilos over the year and still maintaining my weight despite all the treats that I let myself have now.  Believe in what you can the mean time, enjoy my Apple Crumble Cake! Bye.


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