Monday, 15 October 2012

Sweet Suri Manis First Blog Anniversary

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Good morning to all my enchanting and sweeties around the world!!!


My sweet little blog is 1 year old today (15 October 2012). Yay!!! I'm so excited . It seems like yesterday since I started blogging and now I am celebrating my 1st anniversary. I honestly never expected to love it so much and I never expected that I have my own sweet blog!!  

1 year seems so little compared to many established blogs out there, but to me 1 year is a lot. In fact, I know very little about blogging and I suppose anyone who visits my blog can figure that out, but it hasn't stopped me from writing this blog.  And I still have a lot I want to write about, so keep checking in! Now. blogging has been a fantastic experience for me.                                                                                           

For this I honestly, give the credits  to my dear husband who suggested to me to share all my baking experiences in a blog. He did assist me a lot from the start a year ago to run the blog. Thanks honey! We started the blog without any clear intentions but it’s evolved in to something I’m so proud of. Well, I don’t  know what others say about my sweet blog here, but I really love it so much.

I wrote my first post in this blog exactly on this date last year. 
Check it out : >> 1 << >> 2 <<

I'm very grateful for the support from readers in Malaysia, South East Asia and around the world in this one year. Thanks to all who have signed up over there on the side as one of my followers or friends, as I like to think of you all. During this one year period I've had so many great opportunities because of my blog that I would not have had otherwise. I've met many sweet people and I got to share it all with you, my amazing sweet readers and many of you have become some of my dearest friends. I truly appreciate each and every one of you!!

I can't thank you all enough for sticking with me throughout this year. Your participation and loyalty is what motivates me to keep going on and being a constant source of encouragement, support and inspiration! I look forward to whats ahead and hoping for many more years! Your sweet lovely comments never fail to put a cheeky smile on my face, and that on its own is pretty amazing!

So, to express my gratitude to your warm support and to celebrate the first anniversary of my sweet little blog, I decided to run a giveaway contest next week! What do you think? What say you? This is what puzzled me because I don’t have any experience or knowledge to do so. Any comment or can anybody help me to run the giveaway contest? Please, do help me! I always wanted to give back something to appreciate all my readers.

Keep your eyes peeled because I'll be announcing the first GIVEAWAY contest next week!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY my sweet little blog!
Have a wonderful day, my sweet friends!

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