Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sweet Book Cakes

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        I had just finished decorating a very special cake which I was so honoured to do.  I started from early morning and now its already 6 in the evening.  My back is killing me... :(  Anyway, here's two cakes that I did some time ago.  Can't separate teachers with books eh..?  These two were ordered by my very faithful client, Ana.  This small cake with very small books was for Salina who was turning 40..(she looks really good at 40 by the way).  She is a library teacher so practically she is surrounded by books.

The books were made from wafers that I covered with gum paste and hand written using the smallest brush I could find.  I love doing it and Salina loves the cake.  I'm happy for her.

       This one is my most favourite one.  It was very time consuming and making the blackboard was painstakingly hard.  I thought it was going to be easy but the legs kept breaking.  And the worst thing that happen was that the legs of the man on the book cracked and broke.  I'm so glad at that time I didn't panic.  I took a deep breath and put it back together using a tooth pick and some royal icing. 

       Then when everything was in order I delivered the cake.  It was a 40 km journey and my husband drove very slow and I think that was the longest journey ever.  I got there in time and everybody was waiting.  I didn't got the time to snap pictures at home so my husband snap a couple there so..very sorry that its not very nice.  I still love it though.  Thanks for reading, hope you like the cakes. Bye.


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