Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Sweet Aeroplane Cake

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            Just had dinner and am having tea with my boyfriend of 16 years...lol. Not quite busy baking this week but a bit busy at school as we are having a Charity Brunch to collect money for our PTA.  I'm supposed to sell tickets but haven't got around doing it.  Anyone out there wanna buy one?  E-mail me ok, we need all the money we could get and this is the best time to donate you guys... :)

              Okay, enough selling tickets already..haha.  This cake was for Asyraff who is Afnan's big brother (the racing car cake).  He is turning 10 but he looks like he's already 15.  How time flies and you kids grow so fast.  His mother Anita is my good friend but we don't see each other enough. She's teaching in another school nearby.  Asyraff loves aeroplane so Anita asked me to do a chocolate cake with an aeroplane on top. It was fairly easy to do and this time I didn't stress out when I'm doing it. 

Hope you like my aeroplane and clouds.  I'm going to post another cake that I really enjoy doing soon so do come and see okay. Bye.


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