Friday, 20 January 2012

Sweet Gymnast Cake

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    I am filling my time waiting to watch a movie with my husband and kids.  Its starting in half an hour so I thought I'd upload this picture of the gymnast cake that I did for my friend's husband last Wednesday.  I've been busy since last Monday and didn't have the time to upload this.  Another chocolate cake of course but with orange filling.  It tasted quite nice actually as orange and chocolate really go together.  The equipments are all made from modelling paste and I underestimated the time that I needed to make the equiments.  I did the horsey thingy, sorry I forgot the name of the thing, twice because the first one broke and when I put it on the cake, it broke again..and I thought its going to be a piece of cake!

Here at the side of the cake, I cut silhouette of gymnast doing a floor routines and it was quite easy to do it.  My friend, Mai loves it but I don't know how her husband felt about it.  Did I tell you that he is a gymnastic coach?  Well, he is one and they have a son who can bend and is so flexible that it scared me.  That boy can put his toes to his ears and he didn't do it by bending to the front..he bend to the back! Yikes!..scary..but very amazing...hope he becomes a very good gymnast one day.   Okay, here is another picture.  Hope you like it.  See you soon..


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