Thursday, 17 May 2012

Sweet Picnic Cake

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Hi, everybody.....

This is Ariff.  A cute and very friendly boy who celebrated his birthday recently.  He celebrated his fifth birthday at a resort and his mom and dad had a great picnic for that occasion.  His mom Eliah who ordered the Petronas Twin Towers Cake, asked me to do a cake for his birthday and since they were having a picnic for his birthday party, I suggested a picnic cake.

This cake is another one of my favourite.  It is a red velvet cake which is Eliah's favourite.  Ariff wanted a small croc somewhere on the cake, so I made him one.  Can you spot the croc?

I took many pictures of this cake.  I just love it and had great fun doing it.  The stones are actually candies that I bought at the mall and I made the tree from modelling paste.  I have to work on my tree skills..

I love everything about this theme, the mushrooms, the orange snail and of course the croc.  Just so you know, Ariff ate the croc first..he had a great time biting the head off the croc...haha.  Did you see the picnic basket? I like that too. I' so grateful to Eliah because she gave me the chance to do her son's cake.  It was fun.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed making it! See you soon.


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