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Hi everyone,

       I promised to post about my library of cookbooks and here I am.  Literally I have like more than fifty cookbooks and I treasure them most among all my novels and other books that I have.  My husband and I are literally bookworms and we don't mind being called that.  When I'm not cooking or baking or doing anything else, you'll probably will find me with a book up to my nose...hahaha.

The same with my husband.  He is a computer nerd too but I love this nerd and I learnt everything about computers and blogging from him.   If other girls go to the mall to look at make ups and shoes or dresses, I will go straight to the bookstore.  You see I am a girly girl because I love make ups, handbags and I'm crazy about shoes too as all you gals out there but if I were to choose between a pair of shoes and a good book, I'll go with the book.

      Okay, now I'm going to tell you about these four books.  The books are all produced and published by ACP Books, Sydney, Australia.  The food director for all the books is Pamela Clark.  These books are published under the Australian Women's Weekly cookbooks which can be found from France to the Caribbean.  What I like about them is that all the recipes are simple and they are guaranteed to succeed because they were tested before published.

This is the first book and as you can see the title is Cakes Biscuits and Slices.  I haven't had the time to try any of the recipes yet but I will soon. The photography for this book is excellent.  I love them all and I wish I can take pictures like that.  The cakes recipes here are more to tea and cafe cakes and there are many varieties for you to choose and the slices are absolutely sinful looking...very dangerous.. from baklavas to marshmallowy rocky roads.  Yummy yum yum..

This one is yet another latest addition of my cookbooks so, still no time to try any recipes too.  Many pies and tarts recipes and also superb photos that can make your mouth waters by just looking at them.

This, on the other hand is one of my favourite. See the curly corner?  That is the sign that this book is well loved.  The recipes in here are marvelous..muah.  They are a success every time.   I will post some of the recipes that I tried and love in my recipe page okay.  So, check them out and try it.  Then we can start a topic in my forum page.  I love to hear my friends try out my favourite recipes and tell me about it. So, try it okay.

This is the last book and I bought this book some time ago when I was just posted as a teacher here in Kluang.  I tried a few of the recipes and they actually came out just the way they are described in the book.  I learnt a few things from this book too.  Do not alter the recipes of cookies if you are just starting to learn how to bake.  You might end up disappointed and frusterated.  Thats what happen to me when I put in baking soda in a recipe that requires none of it.  It tasted good but it does not have a form when it was supposed to be a beautiful piped cookies..huhu. Serves me just right! 

There you go.  My first post about my most loved cookbooks.  I hope you like them and you can find them at MPH bookstores and sometimes in Popular and Times bookshop or perhaps in KinaKuniya.  They really are worth it and they are not so expensive too just RM24 or 25 I think.

I have another book by this series actually but someone borrowed it from me and maybe because she liked it so much, she never gave it back.  I found myself thinking about that book about baking with chocolate from time to time.  That was my most favourite book.  I learnt something from that experience too, never gave the whole book to be borrowed, just give the recipes that they asked for.  I missed that book.

For the person that maybe forget to give me back my book, if you are reading this, pleaseee...give it back.  I can't find the same title anymore and I have looked high and low for it.  I don't hold anything against you because I know how it feel to fell in love with a good cookbook.  So, friends learn from my lesson...I hope you will never have to experience any of those things with your friends.

Okay, thats it.  I'm off now to bake a carrot wedding cake and I'll be posting about that cake tomorrow evening.  Wish me luck! (Its my first wedding cake.) See you tomorrow..

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