Saturday, 10 December 2011

Sweet 'Gardening' Carrot Cake

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Hello again. 

    This morning I baked another carrot cake with a gardening theme.  This is for  Puan Azizah.  She is our school clerk who wanted to celebrate her husband's birthday today.  Her husband loves gardening and they have a fruit garden, I guess somewhere here in Kluang.  They are a sweet and loving elderly couple and they are expecting their first grandchild.  
    Kak Zah wanted to see her husband's reaction to the hoe and 'parang' and he laughed out loud when he saw the cake.  I love it when I got that kind of reaction from my customers.  I hope they had a lovely time celebrating and that they will have many more birthdays to celebrate together.  I just love creating this cake for them.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the photos, I have another batch of chocolate cupcake in my oven and I'll see you tomorrow okay.  Bye


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