Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sweet Minnie Mouse Cake

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Good day!

Well, hello...I'm back. It had been a very long holiday and I am healthier than ever and I thank god everyday that I am alive and happier every day.  I came back from Mecca on 8th of June and I was jet lag for a week after that.  Can't help myself...sleep is the priority at that time.  

This is an orange butter cake, one of my favourite too.  Ida, my loyal customer that ordered the wonderpets cake, ordered this Minnie Mouse cake for her niece.  I put in orange and chocolate chips buttercream.. yum.  I don't have the mickey mouse pan so, I carved the cake and I ended up eating the crumbs.. :-) 

Here was how I assembled the cake.  Please excuse my red fingers, I couldn't take the red colouring off my fingers and usually it takes a few washings to take them off.  I love doing this cake and I found that I am more relax and less stressful after I came back from Mecca...I'm happy.  Thank you for all your prayers for my mom's and my safe journey.  I hope in the future I am able to make more cakes and make more people happy.  Love you all...see you soon.


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