Saturday, 14 January 2012

Sweet Coffee Teardrop Cake

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Good afternoon and hello,

      What a morning!  I'm actually alternating between cooking lunch and blogging... hahaha.  We're having chicken in dark soy sauce and spinach.  Haven't cooked lately because these few weeks I was so busy.  I thought of looking for some help but then, I don't have time to train one and its not easy to find someone nowadays.  It's okay, I'm still standing, just a bit tired sometimes. 
      Do you like my teardrop coffee cake?  I thought of doing the teardrop in black but my Indian friend said that if I do it like a peacock colour, it would be nicer.  And here it is Pn. Kala, blue and green.  I like the colours.  The coffee cake is filled with caramel buttercream...yum yum.  I looove caramel, its very addictive.  This cake is actually for my collegue who is retiring in a few days and last night we had a farewell party for her.  I don't usually do stacked cakes because I always got nervous when stacking the cakes but I wanted her to have a special cake before she retired.  With the weather and humidity here, the buttercream melted a bit but it got to the party venue in one piece.  Phew...I think I'll have heart palpitation if I did a four or five tiers of cake.

Here's the top view of the cake.  You know an unpleasant thing happened this morning.  I got a call from the post office asking me whether I received a notice saying that I have to come and picked up a package.  My sister who lived in Shah Alam sent me tylose powder to make my gum paste and the package arrived yesterday.  Since I'm not home at the time, the postman gave me the notice to pick up and I have to come in 14 days or the package will be sent back.  So, yesterday was very hectic, I had to take my youngest to see a doctor because he was complaining about his aching mouth and I found that the right side of his mouth was red.  Then, I had to finish this coffee cake for the party so I thought of picking up the package this afternoon.  Unfortunately before I got to do that somebody from the postal office called and asked me very rudely why I didn't pick up my package, it goes something like this, `Did you get a notice from us?. Don't you have time to pick up your package?'.  To me, she should have said,` I'm sorry to disturb you.  I am just reminding you that you have a package that you need to pick up and we are open until five.'  Don't you think that is much better. I got so pissed off that I said `If I had the time, you wouldn't have to call me at all now, would you?'.  I am usually a very polite person because of the way that I was brought up by my parents and I can't and won't accept it when people are being rude without a good reason.  You know what I told her after that?  I told her that she should have asked nicely because I didn't do anything wrong.  I have 14 days to pick up my package.  If today is day 14, she can be strict and insist that I pick up my package but I just received the darn notice yesterday!  I am a teacher who is doing all my might to instill politeness and teaching these people's children to be nice and polite and always say thank you and to be respectful to others, so on and so forth.....but please don't let us teachers be the only example of good manners.  We as adults should always show the very best of examples.  We have choices in our lives, and being polite and having good manners is also a choice.  You know what makes me so unhappy today?  That I have to tell her that she should have better manners.  I hate doing that!  I feel sooooo bad that I have to tell her that. :(

Okay, I'm fine now.  My chicken is cooked and I have to start on my spinach.  Hmmm...this coffee cake makes me happy..I have a special project tomorrow and I'll tell you all about it when it's finish okay.  Wish me luck, this next project is giving me a heart palpitation already just thinking about it.  See you soon friends.  Be good and most important of all, BE POLITE! Bye..



kyleen said...

Oh my goodness, this cake is gorgeous!!!

Nazayiena said...

Cantiknya cake nie......
Kena pergi kursus sepatutnya org post office nie,"kursus berkomunikasi dgn pelanggan".
-bila Sue & ibu pergi umrah?

Sue said...

Cadangnye cuti sekolah bulan 5. Insyaallah masa tu da ckp fulus hehe..

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