Saturday, 25 August 2012

Sweet Wedding Cake...

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Sweet right? I love doing wedding cakes.  The person getting married is sweet and her name is Sue too! What a coincidence, the baker and the bride with the same name.  Her mother called me just a few weeks before Hari Raya and told me she couldn't find any baker willing to her daughter's wedding cake because of the coming Hari Raya (not a very flattering reason to call me...haha) but I just can't say no even though I know I will be so busy with four other cakes on the same day.  I know the bride will be so very disappointed if she doesn't have a wedding cake...her mother emailed me a picture of a cake and as I thought about the design she gave me, I know there is no way I can finish it on time with the other four.  So, I suggested to do a simpler one so that I can guarantee that the cake will be there on her wedding day.  She said yes and here it is.

The bride's colours are white and purple so I followed their colour and her mother was very happy.  Below is the picture on the actual wedding day.  I just love it and it blended with all the other decorations and the main table.  Isn't it sweet?

I hope you enjoyed reading and browsing through my pictures.  I'll be back with more....bye.


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