Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Sweet Plants vs Zombies Cake

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Hi everyone,

         Do you know this game?  I love playing this game..its very addictive and fun.  My son, Hilmi loves this game.  That was why he asked me to do this cake for his birthday recently.

 Don't you just love those cute plants?  I love them and had had lots of fun doing them too.  I only did two zombies for Hilmi because making them was very time consuming.  He wanted a 'bucket head zombie' and a 'cone head zombie'.  And my husband asked me to do a 'gargantua zombie'...! Of all the zombies...sorry honey, maybe next time okay. Atleast, I did what you wish me to do; 'the roof level'...!!

I love the sunflowers, they're so cute.  I bet you're wondering how I managed to make them so neat and the same size, right?  Here's the secret, I used a play dough mould...LOL.  You can get it from the playstores. They're so cute.  The pea shooters and the snowpea shooters are actually very easy to do.

The skewer was a support for the zombies because they got big heads and they kept toppling over so I stick a skewer until they were dry enough to put on the cake.

Don't you just love them? I do and I can go on and on about their cuteness...haha. It was a big cake, about 27 inches long and 10 inches wide.Everything was chocolate because my son loves chocolate.  

There's my little boy! I love you baby...and I pray that you will grow into a charming and successful man...a dentist maybe...or a doctor? Ok..ok  I know..I know...what parents that doesn't want their children to be successful right? Wish you all the best honey...Ibu loves you..XOXO..


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