Thursday, 24 November 2011

Sweet 'Soccer / Football' Cake

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Hi, all you people out there.

     How are you? Hope you're doing great.  I know I am.  Today's cake is yet another of my choc moist.  And today's theme is football..yay.. this one is for my friend Ana who ordered this cake for her husband Halmi.  He is turning 31 on Monday but she wanted to celebrate his birthday two days ahead because they have to travel far after Friday.  I love doing the shoes.  It is of course quite complicated and I stayed up until almost two in the morning finishing it.  Do you notice that I'm becoming a sport cake decorator..funny isn't it.  My husband was a big help.  He gave me ideas and love to photograph me making cakes.  Anyway, Ana and Halmi loved the cake and I hope they had a great time celebrating.  

       I know some of you out there are wondering why I didn't post the pricing or didn't promote my cakes for ordering, its because for now I am mostly doing my friends' cake and helping them get the cake that they want that is within their budget.  My friends gave me a lot of support and gave me a chance to improve my skills and I am thankful to them.  They were the one who actually promoted my cakes to their other friends.  I am a flexible baker and I can work around people's budget and I guess they liked that.  I like challenges but I am not yet a pro so what I can do and think that I can do, I will try my best and up until now I haven't heard any complains.  I am happy.  If anyone out there need my help or need a cake with a lower budget, you can contact me by leaving your email okay? I will try my best.  Right now I'm trying to give away a wedding cake and I told my Mr. Rizalman about it and he looks at me like I've lost my mind, ..hahaha..  I all out for ruffles right now.  I found hundreds of ruffle cakes images through the internet and I'm loving it.  Want to try it again.  My brain is filled with ideas and images.  I know I got it real bad..but...what to do.  I have a blueberry cheesecake coming on Saturday and I'm going to Kulai to get my ingredients tomorrow.  But right now, I need my beauty sleep. Good night everyone....sweet dreams...zzzz


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