Sunday, 4 December 2011

Sweet "Wonderpets" Cake

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Hello everyone,

       How was your day? I hope it is a happy Sunday.  Today is my lazy day.  But this morning I made a batch of doughnuts and I glazed some with chocolate and I'll let you see the pictures later okay.  

        Okay, yesterday evening I made this "Wonderpets" birthday cake for a little girl and her name is Puteri (Princess in English).  Her real name is Puteri and she is 2 years old.  Her mother told me that she loves "Wonderpets" so much and she asked me to make a cake with that theme.  The cake is chocolate butter cake and iced with buttercream but the top of the cake is fondant with gumpaste wonderpets toppers.  It took me a while to make them and I think it came out okay.  I wish I'm a better sculpter so I can do the toppers better.  I've never make an animal topper before and when I see the finished cake, I believe I can do anything I put my mind to. 
      I would like to thank Mary who left a very nice comment on the wonderpets toppers.  I hope you're not disappointed. Thank you also to everyone who took the time to see my work and I am always happy to hear from you.  So, don't forget to leave any comment or leave any message at my shoutbox. 

      I have another cake coming later this week and it is another theme cake for my best friend Zue (she is ZueZue in the shoutbox).  She wanted a mountain theme cake.  This one is a real challenge. So, I'll post the doughnuts first and then I'll see you again when the mountain is finished..haha..take care and bye..bye


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Nazayiena said...

Amboi cantiknya kek wonderpets nie....patung wonderpets tu macam real je...

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