Saturday, 10 December 2011

Sweet Mt. Kinabalu Cake

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Hi everybody.

     Sorry it took a while to post something here.  I've been busy going for my turn of duty at school and also creating and making gum paste figures for cake toppers.

This one is one of my latest creation for my best friend Zue and her husband Isa who just got back from Kota Kinabalu.  They have conquered the Mount Kinabalu (in Sabah, Malaysia  - one of the highest in Asia).  I'm so proud of them.  When are we going, honey? I'm not very athletic and I'm not sure I can hike and climb for eight hours. Its enough now to see my friends achieving their dreams.

Way to go, Zue and Isa!

This is the whole cake and it weighs around 4 kilos.  A chocolate moist because its Isa's favourite and I did the figurines five days ahead to let it dry so that it is easier to put them on the cake.

The view from the top.  The mountain I covered with grey fondant and my husband gave me the idea to put the signboard and me being a girl wanted flowers and all so I made the Raflesia and put some yellow flowers that I always keep in case somebody wants a cake.

This is where the whole thing began and problems occured.

What can I say about this cake?  A lot actually. I sat from 2 p.m to 7 p.m non stop to finish this cake.  The weather was very hot and I had a hard time setting the chocolate ganache. The chocolate was runny and won't set.  The air conditioning was at the lowest and still it won't set.  It was very frusterating but with my husband's moral support and my positive mind (hahaha..) I made it.  What an experience! Now I know why people always say that to learn something and to remember it, we have to learn it the hard way.  Phew..I'm relief.

At last I conquered the cake.  I hope you enjoy the photos as I enjoyed making the cake and creating it.  To me baking and decorating is an art and I love it so much.  Below is me and the cake.  The cake was quite tall so I don't want to take the risk of putting it in a box so I delivered the cake like that and I'm sorry, I hate to see myself in a picture so you can only see my hands.  Enjoy it and see you very soon.



pEmiliK bUtik said...

mohon sdg mencari idea utk hantaran..tq..=)

Sue said...

Dialu-alukan..bagi tau klu da dpt ideanye ye..

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