Saturday, 26 November 2011

Sweet Blueberry Cheesecake

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Hello friends,

      How are you all doing? I hope everyone's happy and in good health. Today is Saturday and I baked two Blueberry Cheesecakes.  One for the mother of my student and the other one for my beloved husband. Cheesecake is his favourite and he said that it was delicious. I made the crust from oat cookies and then I put in some brown sugar and desicated coconut so, you can only imagine how it taste.  It was not rock hard but a bit crumbly and crunchy.  Yum..yum..I only took a bite and I think its delicious too.  
    I'm a bit sad most beloved mixer exploded! Not a major explosion but while I was mixing the cheese, I heard a pop sound and suddenly there were smokes coming from it...I'm sooo sad.  The mixer had been with me for over 16 years ("Kenwood"), way before I got married when I was just nineteen.  I practically grew up with it and it has given me lots and lots of cookies, cakes, bread and pastries.  I learnt many recipes by using it. I loved it very much.  I think I'll see if I could get someone to fix it, if possible..I'm so saaad...huhuhu.

Well, I'm off now..I do hope you like the photos.  Bye for now..


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