Monday, 1 October 2012

Sweet Convocation Cake

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Hi there...

What a happy occasion. And what better way to celebrate than with a cake.  Congratulations Ain! You did it.  I bet your Mom is so proud of you.  I'm glad and so happy for you Kak Zainah.  You did a great job raising your daughters and I pray that all your dreams come true.  Do you like the red ribbon on the scroll? It's too cute! Love it.

I've actually known Kak Zainah for so long but I've never got the chance to really know her. She is an English teacher too and we've been going to courses together for so many years already.  Recently I went to another course and met her there and we started talking and telling each other about ourself and I found that she is a friendly and warm person.  And funny too. Love you Kak Zainah!

I just love this cake and I want you to know that I baked and decorated this cake with lots of love Kak Zainah.  I wish you, Ain lots of luck for your future...know that your Mom can't wait for you girls to get married so that she can have a grandchild soon...hahahaha...sorry Kak Zainah, I just can't help it.  I actually agree with you...when I'm older I too want to enjoy being with my children and enjoy my grandchildren while I'm still strong and healthy.  I wish you all the best girls and make your Mom happy, will you? She deserves it. Well, see you soon and have a great day. Bye.


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