Saturday, 31 March 2012

Sweet Roses Cupcakes

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Good evening,

            I hope all of you are in good health and happy as always.  I had a very busy week baking but it was all worth it.  On Thursday, I baked three Caramel Rainbow Cakes, a Red Velvet and these cute 16 fondant decorated cupcakes for Faiza who celebrated her birthday yesterday.  I made ribbon roses and let them set for 2 days.  The cake was Vanilla Butter cake and it was very delicious.  I haven't had creamy buttercake for quite some time that I made another batch for myself and kids.  Aiman loved them.  He even brought some to school for his friends.

Do you like the colour?  They're pastel...well, I'm a girly girl and Faiza is a girly girl too so, we love pastel colours.  I love what I do and when they collect the cake and told me that they loved it, they made my day. Usually when they ate the cake they'll call me and tell me that the cake was delicious. That made my day too.  I'm so glad my customers love my cake and that they are willing to pay for my work. Thanks you guys, you're the best!

Enjoy the pictures, don't forget to leave comments, that will make my day too.  Love u all....see you soon.


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