Friday, 6 April 2012

Sweet Anniversary Cake

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     I've been busy and quite pissed.  Why? Because the line was so horrible and I'm thinking of changing my network.  I'm quite angry because I have been the most loyal customer ever.  I paid my bills on time and I've been supporting them for many years already...come on, give me a break okay.  It's very frustrating. I bet many of you out there have had the same problem as I have. 

    Ok..I'm better now and this is going to be a short entry.  This cake is for Habibi who ordered it for her two sisters, one is a doctor and the other one is a lawyer and also for her two brothers but she didn't tell me what they do for living.  It was a coffee cake with caramel buttercream.  She ordered two cakes and the other one was for her sister and brother in law who was celebrating their first anniversary.  It was an ice cream cake.

I like the sunflowers.  They are very cheerful and fresh.  I hope you like them too.  See you soon.


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