Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Sweet Teachers Day Cake

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         Happy Teachers Day to all teachers around the world.  We had a wonderful celebration at our school.  This year I didn't take part in many activities in the celebration but I did play in the teachers netball team and won. Yay...what? Okay..okay, we played against a bunch of 12 years old...teruk kan, cikgu ni? was fun.  We gave the prizes to the 12 years old who fought real hard and they deserve it anyway.

        This yellow cake is for my school and all my friends here.  It was a vanilla cake with blueberry filling.  My friends love it and I also bake a carrot cake for them.

The blue cake is for my husband's school ans it was a red velvet with cream cheese filling.  I don't know if they like it or not because my husband did not go to school for these few weeks.  He is giving course to non option English teachers here in Kluang.  Well, I hope they had a great time. 

 Well, I'll see you soon with my next post. Bye.


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