Saturday, 30 June 2012

Sweet Birthday Cake

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Hello Again......

Morning...I hope it will be a good day today.  Lets go straight to business ok...this is a vanilla cake.  I got that a lot lately...I love vanilla too.  This one is vanilla with blueberry and fresh cream filling.  It is for none other but the father of the Petronas Twin Tower's groom.  His wife wanted to surprise her husband when he comes home from work..

He loves blueberry and I wish I could give him fresh blueberries fillings but it is so hard to find fresh ones here. I have to travel to Johor Bahru to get them and it is a one hour drive from here.  If this order came a week before I think it might be possible but it was a last minute order and I can't say no to his wife because she was  one of my favourite customer and you still are sweetie... :-)

So, Happy Birthday abang Zainal and I hope it was a nice one...hope you like the cake.  To all of you out there who read my posts and viewed my cake and loving it, thank you very much.  I really appreciate it and I see you soon in my next post.


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