Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sweet Cakes, cakes and cakes...

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Hi again,

     Today was a very disappointing day.  I made two cakes but they didn't come out as good as they should and I don't have the energy to start over.  I guess I'll have to do it again tomorrow.  Huhu...tomorrow is Monday.  I'm like Garfield....hate Mondays.  Well, I don't have much to tell you, I just wanted to show you some picture of the cakes that I did for these few weeks and I hope you like it.

This is a Tiramisu my style, for my beloved's birthday that was on 2nd of February.  
He brought the cake to his school for his friends.  It's a small school so, I only made a small cake for them.

This is an orange cake with chocolate buttercream filling for my student.  Her mother is my friend and she asked her mom nicely if she can order a simple cake for her and this one is actually a second cake.  
The first one was a bigger cake that she brought to school to celebrate with her friends.

This on the other hand was for Sufia's mom.  It was her 12th anniversary and she wanted a strawberry cake with strawberry filling.  The decoration was my idea because she wanted it to be heart shape and romantic.  She said it was "comei!". It' means cute.

And these two were for Kak Mas who is a cleaner in my school.  Her son got married and it was a very very small wedding and the other one is for his youngest son's birthday. 
 Both were vanilla cake with blueberry filling.

Chocolatey Chocolate Cake for my husband's friend, Ita who celebrated her father's birthday 
on Saturday recently. Thank you Ita!

This one was a wedding gift for the groom and bride from my customer.  Do you like it?  The colours were the wedding colours so I just follow the theme.  They were chocolate cupcakes recipe by Martha Stewart.

And lastly, this one is for ME!  Yay...this is my most favourite pastry.  Yum..yum..yummy.  Love cream puff.  I filled them with custard and whipping cream.  It was sweet and choclatey.  No words can describe it.  Just look at it and you know what I mean.  Well, that's about it I guess, I'll see you soon with my latest project.  Good night everyone.



England Furniture said...

Some could see the effort that you put into each cake based on these photos. Thank you for sharing.

Sue said...

Thank you for leaving comments. I am always happy to hear from some one from the other side of the globe. Feel free to give me any advise and suggestions, I'm happy to hear them too. Come again and tell me your name, I'm Sue. Thanks.

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