Friday, 10 February 2012

Sweet Pandan and Carrot

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Hello everyone,

      I'm so sorry that I did not anything for these few weeks.  Things got in the way of me blogging.  To top it up, the line was very bad it was always in the way when I had the time to upload my recent entries.  So today I am going to sit here and upload loads of goodies that I baked these few weeks. 

      I am going to start with this cake that I baked for Zue, my best friend (the one that climbed up Mt. Kinabalu and ordered the Mt. cake).  It was a carrot cake with cream cheese filling of course and the top layer is butter pandan cake or known as pandanus.  The leaf of the pandan leaf is so fragrant and sweet smelling and when you bake with the extract of the leaf, the cake will come out smelling heavenly.  I filled the cake with pandan custard and thankfully it came out beautifully.  That was my first time making pandan custard. 

The cake is for her father and mother in law who happen to have birthdays very near to each other.  Her mother in law loves pandan cake so she asked me to bake the top layer as it and the carrot cake is for her father in law.  He happens to be an ex army so she asked me to make him in army suit.  I bet all of you are looking at the lady in and very voluptuous...sorry auntie, I got carried away... hahaha.  

Well, hope you like it.  Leave some comments will you?  I'm always glad to hear from all of you.  I've got more to come but tonight the line is still very bad.  So, see you soon.


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