Monday, 26 March 2012

Sweet Cake for Malaysia Vice Minister of Education

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Hello again,

        This week is going to be a very busy week so, before I'm too busy to update my blog I would like to tell you about this cake that I did on Saturday.  This cake was ordered by a headmistress of SK Sri Bulan in Yong Peng, Johor.  It is actually a souvenir to the Malaysia's Vice Minister of Education who visited her school on Sunday.  It was an honour to do the cake and I really hope that he loved it as much as I loved doing it.  Here's the picture.

My friends out there, wish all the luck that one day I'll own my own shop.  I really love doing this.  When I bake and decorate a cake I feel a deep feeling of satisfaction.  Well..I'm so happy to get a chance to do this cake and I hope you like it.  See you.


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