Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sweet Chocolate Strawberry Cake

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Hello my friends,

     It is five in the morning.  My husband just came in to sleep and I woke up disoriented and thinking that it was still around twelve and I end up blogging because I can't go back to sleep. How are things? Good? I hope they are and I hope you're enjoying your New Year.  Mine was a bit hectic with school opening and all.  Still I spent some time baking my favourite cake, Chocolate of course.  Who doesn't like chocolate cake, right?  I happen to stumbled on this recipe and decided to try it and it was marvelous! Muah..muah! Very delightful and makes you close your eyes when you eat it..I'm not exaggerating.  I ate it and I closed my husband ate it and he also closed his eyes...hmm.  Heavenly.  The cake was already delicious on its own but I just have to make it more delicious by filling it with vanilla buttercream and strawberry filling.  The sweet, the fragrant of vanilla and the sourness from the strawberry was a perfect combination and we loved it.  I bet if I fill it with orange curd it will taste wonderful too.

Can you see the strawberry in this photo?  I'll post the recipe for you ok.  I have quite a few cakes for this coming week and three of them are chocolate cakes.  I guess the chocolate cake is people's favourite.  I'm teaching younger students this year.  The eight years olds..and its been a while that I taught children that young.  I usually taught eleven and twelve years old but because one of my collegue moved to JB, I have to teach the munchkins who are very talkative and can't be angry for long because when they start batting their eyelashes at makes you want to laugh...really they're very funny and conniving little munchkins.  I love them and this year I'm also teaching my own sons.  I don't know about other teachers teaching their own children but as for me, I have too much hope and I always expect them to do much much better than their friends and sometimes I think I'm I'm being too hard on them (my husband thinks so too).  I love them so much and want them to be successful in what ever they do but at the same time I want them to be happy.  I want them to have a good and happy childhood.  Do you parents out there want the same thing?  I bet you do.  I'm a good mother, I know I am but still I want to better and hope all mothers the same too. 

I'll keep you posted in my next project and I wish you all well.  See you on my next post.  Bye.


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