Thursday, 28 June 2012

Sweet Nurse Cupcake

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Hello everyone...

Congratulation Pika!  You're a nurse, and I hope you will be a good one.  Please..please don't be the one that came from nightmares...hihihi..just joking.  Actually I said that from that I don't care to repeat. I'm sure many had the same experience.

Well anyway, these vanilla cupcakes are for Pika who graduated from a Nurse's College recently.  Her friend, Lin whom I often met during meetings and courses ordered them for her.  

I had a great time laughing and experimenting while doing the `tools' for these cupcakes.  I did a pink thermometer which I wish I had and pink blood pressure checker (do we call it checker?) but mine is white.  (Yes, I have one at home because I have hypertension because of my hyperthyroid.).  My son had never seen me did cupcakes frosting using buttercream and you know what he said? `Ibu...why cincai?'  To him that is 'cincai'. 'Cincai' (pronounce as "chin-chie") means I'm doing a lousy heart missed a beat and I said, `What?cincai?'...haha.  He likes fondant better he said. What a critique he is...but it is good to know that they care and will be very vocal if I'm not doing a perfect and high standard job..thanks sweetie, I appreciate it. 

I hope you like it and I will see you very soon.  Bye..


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