Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Sweet Cooking Theme Cupcakes...

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Hello all of you sweet people out there.  I am so happy to show you my latest cupcakes.  Like what you see? Love doing it too.  I started a week early with all those cute cooking items.  The week before, I went shopping and I ran across a shop selling miniature porcelain figures and I saw a small kettle and rice cooker. When I got home, I can't start fast enough.  I went straight to doing the kettle and it came out so cute.  Then, I slowly did the others in front of the TV watching Julia Roberts in My Best Friend's Wedding.  I love Julia Roberts, don't you?

Owh..see? Too excited to tell you about it, I forgot to mention that these cupcakes were for my FB friend Hidayah.  It was for her mother's birthday.  As usual, most of my customers left everything to my imagination so, I came up with these and thank God, she loves them.

My dear sugar pie honey bun..a.k.a my husband, loves the cupcakes too.  That is why he took sooo.. many pictures of the cupcakes and I think his favourite is the pan and the sunny side up egg.  He loves eggs.  The mortar and pestle was his idea.  He is always pushing me to do better each time and because of him, I am getting better.  Thanks darling.  I'm glad you're always with me because I know that I did not become who I am today on my own.  I love you.  Now I'm sappy....


Here's a tip on how to give shine to your figurines...I used piping jelly that I diluted with a bit of water.  That is why the egg looks shiny like it is really cooked in oil.  You know, if you really have the patience and interest, you can also do it.  It is really quite easy.  Well I hope you enjoy reading and looking at all the pictures and for other bakers out there, I hope my figurines and designs inspire you to do a better one.  Till we meet again, bye.


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