Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sweet Rice Crispy

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Hi...I'm back.
Today I bake rice krispies cookies.  It is actually a recipe from one of my favourite cooking book by Martha Day tittled 500 Cakes and Bakes.  Her recipe is Crunchy Jumbles where one of the main ingredient is rice krispies.  I baked mine with extra because I love rice krispies and I also add in some dark cocoa powder because you know why...right?  I love chocolate and cocoa too.

This cookie is very krispy and crunchy and it and it is dangerous, very dangerous...why? Because I tend to eat more without me realising it.  I'm trying to keep my waist line down if you can remember me telling you and thankfully up until today I am still okay.  That is according to my Mr. Rizalman...hahaha I know what you're thinking..NO he is not lying...he loves me enough to tell me the truth when I need to hear it and I'm not just talking about my weight...hahaha.

Soon..I will be posting about my many collection of cook books and other books that I just love reading and maybe I'll post some recipes that I've tried.  Hope you like my cookies and I will bake some others and tell you about it okay...have a nice day. Bye for now.. 


Nazayiena said...

This cookies is very rich rice krispies and must be crunchy and yummy...

Best ever desserts said...


Thanks for sharing this delicious recipe. The chocolaty texture of the cookie makes it more attractive and tasty. children will love to take these cookies.

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