Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Sweet Chocolate Chips

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Hello and good morning everyone.

I love my mornings here at my mom's.  Yes, I'm already here.  It was a long drive yesterday with too many cars on the road and we made it safely.  I just had my most peaceful morning walk with the mist still clinging to the ground.  I feel like walking on the clouds.  It is beautiful here in the morning.  Last night it rained heavily and the ground is wet and I love the smell of it.  Like the grass after being mowed. The air is a whole lot fresher here and I can hear all kind of birds doing their morning calls. Boy..I've never noticed this when I was growing up.  Now, I love it.  Its very peaceful...I'm indulging myself in the beauty of the present and I want to share it with you.  
     Okay, back to business, before I drove here, I baked my mom some cupcakes.  I made Chocolate Chips Cupcake and because I love the caramel that I did for my chocolate cupcake, I made Caramel Buttercream to go with my Chocolate Chips Cupcake.  Have to wait for the caramel to cool a bit before beating it with the butter.

The recipe is fairly easy too because I improvised the recipe for the Chocolate Cupcake and made it vanilla with chocolate chips.  The buttercream is very tasty and for those who love caramel you should try it.  The cupcakes made the long drive and when it got here, it still looked like in the picture.  My mom loved it and so does my youngest brother.  He asked my mom if she could bake it next time.  You know what my mom said?   Not in a million years..those days of baking are behind me.  But that's okay, my mom collected recipes and she is a good cook and I have her small recipe book where she write notes at the side of the recipes.  But I think I got my talent from my dear Papa, god rest his soul, who was an extraordinary cook.  He just loved to cook and he taught me how.  I missed him.  I wished he's here to see me do what I love and blogging about it now.  Sorry for being sappy, I'm so at home right now and I wished everyone is here.  Okay, here are some more pictures.  I hope you are enjoying yourself as I am and I see you soon. 

 Bye and have a nice day.



umi's cup cake said...

the cupcakes looks very to have a bite...

Nazayiena said...

yummy...sedapnya cup cake tu,nanti kak Nurul nak buat jugalah.

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