Thursday, 20 September 2012

Sweet 1 Malaysia Cupcakes...

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It means happy independence day.  I'm a bit late but the mood is still here.  This is my MERDEKA cupcakes.  My friends and my brother asked me to take part in The Celcom 1 Malaysia Cupcake Challenge.  Not to disappoint them I send in my entries.  I can only manage to do two because I was down with a bad case of sore throat.  Only 55 participants who got the most LIKES will be called for a bake off in Kuala Lumpur.  And if you want to vote for me please click on this link. My cupcake is on page 18 under my name, Surie Mohamad.

I hope you like my cupcakes and don't forget to LIKE them on the link that I gave above.  Thanks and see you soon.


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