Friday, 2 December 2011

Sweet Coconut...

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Hi again,
   Its been raining since morning and I'm building my anticipation to decorate the wedding cake this evening.  Last night I baked it and it is happily sitting in the fridge waiting for me to ice it.  Why I put it in the fridge? So it will be easier to layer and fill the cake with frosting.  And when I dirt ice it, the filling inside will set and it will be easier to handle the cake.  What is dirt ice?  It is actually a very thin layer of icing where you spread all over to keep the crumbs from surfacing when you want to actually ice the cake.

Get what I'm telling you? I don't know how to explain it here but that is as clear as I can go, sorry.  Okay, what did I bake yesterday?
Yesterday I baked some coconut cookies.  These cookies are light, fluffy and just melt in your mouth.  How to make them? Very easy..butter, sugar, one egg coconut and flour and the taste is magnificente..Love it.  I'll post the recipe for you okay.  Hope you like this post.  Wish me luck again...bye..


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Nazayiena said...

coconut cookies ada inti dlmnya,mesti sedapkan.

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